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How to Launch Your Biz and Manifest Your Rich and Radiant Life


Today’s episode I am running solo and talking to you about launching your biz and manifesting your rich and radiant life.  We are going to to get into the Slay With Soul Business Method and why it’s the method that works works 100% of the time that you do 100% of the work.  I talk about the strategy and energy work that is needed to launch a successful online business and what the main blocks are that hold people back from actually launching and how you can overcome them.

On today’s episode I chat about:

  • What does Slay with Soul mean
  • The 6 pillars of slaying with soul and how to apply them
  • Energetically elevating into the rich, abundant version of you
  • Imagining yourself as the boss version of you
  • What stops women from launching their business and manifesting their rich and radiant life?

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