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Unleashing your inner psychic abilities with Athina Bailey


Today’s episode can be considered a mini Psychic’s 101 course!  I have Athina Bailey and we cover not only what it means to be psychic but how we all have the gift within us if we just listen.  Through her workshops, online programs and courses Athina helps others develop their own spiritual and psychic abilities. Her purpose is to help others reawaken to their divine gifts, reconnect with their own purpose and spiritual team as well as help clear their blocks that are stopping them from manifesting their soul aligned life.

Growing up psychic, Athina knew she was psychic from a young age. At 15,  she began communicating with her spiritual guides and was thrown into the world of metaphysical healing, and from there went on to study psychology and alternative healing modalities. She is a certified NLP Master Coach, Hypnotherapist, Kinesiologist, Reiki Master, Seichim Master and Theta Healer.

On today’s episode we chat about:

  • What it means to be psychic and how you can tap into your psychic abilities
  • The different psychic senses
  • Using your psychic abilities to uplevel your business
  • Listening to your higher self when setting your prices
  • Setting energetic boundaries and why
  • How meditation helps with your psychic senses

Connect with Athina:

Instagram: Instagram.com/starseed_awakening
Website: athinabailey.com
Facebook: facebook.com/athinabailey0

Connect with Hayley:

Instagram: Instagram.com/hayleytapper/

Facebook: Facebook.com/groups/bossgoddesses/

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